Join me for a workshop at Rancho La Puerta, April 8th and 9th, 2017.

Dr. Allen will be speaking at the prestigious Rancho La Puerta Spa in Tecate Mexico over April 8 and 9. Rancho La Puerta is one of the most incredible spa experiences just 2 hours from San Diego. It offers massage, classes, great food, hiking and classes to suit every age group and interest.

Family-owned and operated since June, 1940, when the first guests arrived at a beautiful Baja California campsite created by Edmond Szekely and his young wife Deborah, Rancho La Puerta has been changing lives now for over 70 years.
Deborah, now over 90, still lectures weekly and is hard at work on her many projects to spread the word about American’s need to live a healthier more-active lifestyle that is also supported by a protected, chemical-free environment.
Her daughter Sarah Livia guides the modern-day Ranch as President after long being the visionary behind the Ranch’s transformation into a garden oasis, as well as the guiding force behind our environmental sensibilities, organic farming, and cooking school successes.
Deborah’s son Alex, who passed away in 2002, also guided much of The Ranch’s transformation into a luxurious-yet-artful resort during the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Rancho La Puerta’s 3,000 acres include 32 acres of gardens; hiking trails; an organic farm; several pools; extensive spa and fitness facilities; a salon; individual casitas for guests; a large dining hall, gift shop, and an intimate library — as well as numerous inviting lounges and conference rooms.

As one of our guests astutely observed, “Everything starts with the mountain.” Rancho La Puerta lies in a broad valley at the foot of 3,885-foot Mount Kuchumaa. Here the meandering Kumeyaay Creek meets the Tecate River. Chaparral holds the slopes and foothills of the mountain in a wild embrace. Huge and fantastic granite boulders surface from a sea of blue when the wild lilacs bloom. Artemisia and sage scent the air.
Home to coyotes, cottontail rabbits and foxes, Kuchumaa also enjoys a diversity of North American bird species. Ravens, golden eagles and red-tailed hawks sweep the sky, and towhees, wren and quail scatter before morning trail guides.
Some people are “naturally” a bit intimidated by all this nature. Rest assured that all hikes are guided, and that our grounds are extensively landscaped which effectively eliminates any encounters with creatures other than birds.
Over the years, the Szekely family has created a 3,000-acre nature preserve that extends to the international border. The mountain is also protected on the United States side.


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