Why This Is So Important

Dr. Allen frequently prescribes nutritional supplements as part of a patient’s treatment plan. One major reason he has an in-office dispensary is to be able to provide the highest quality products to his patients; another is to provide a convenient service for his patients to be able to get all of their supplements and products in one place.

Various studies have shown that the labeling information on many supplements is unreliable.  Many contain only a fraction of the substance(s) claimed on the supplement’s label or packaging.

The products that Dr. Allen prescribes are well-researched and individually selected by him.  He makes every effort to hold them to the latest and highest scientific standards, and offers them at competitive prices for products of this quality.

Last, but certainly not least, is that Dr. Allen has had many years of experience with the supplements he prescribes, and has seen their efficacy proven in thousands of beneficial and positive patient outcomes.


Dr. Allen gives free lectures at the Library three to four times each year, on topics of interest from the cutting edge of integrative medicine.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list for these lectures and his other speaking engagements, please email da@davidallenmd.com.