Regenerative/Rejuvenative Medicine

Two exciting fields on the cutting edge of medical and scientific progress, regenerative and rejuvenative medicine, hold out great promise to significantly advance existing traditional medical treatments, provide a much-improved quality of life for people with chronic illnesses and severe injuries, and dramatically prolong the human life span.

Regenerative medicine is an exciting emerging field which seeks to treat previously incurable illness and injury using specially-grown tissues and cells (including stem cells), and newly-designed artificial organs which do not run the risk of rejection by the human host body.  Many serious conditions, such as Type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cerebral palsy, to name just a few, may eventually be completely curable using these new techniques and approaches.

Though there is some overlap between the two fields, rejuvenative medicine’s goal is, simply put, the reversal of the aging process.  This is accomplished through the repairing of cells and tissues that have been damaging by what we consider the “normal” process of aging, and/or the replacement of damaged tissues with new, healthy ones that are programmed to act in a “youthful” way.

One of rejuvenative medicine’s most important concepts is that declining levels of the following eight key hormones contributes strongly to the aging process in humans:

  • HGH (human growth hormone)
  • Sex hormones:  testosterone, estrogen, progesterone
  • Erythropoietin
  • Insulin
  • DHEA
  • Melatonin
  • Thyroid hormones
  • Pregnenolone


Researchers believe that by replacing some or all of these hormones, the body will repair and restore many of its functions that have been damaged over time, making an extended life span the rule not the exception for human beings.

Another exciting area of current research, SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence), is the work of Dr. Aubrey DeGrey. It involves such modalities as gene therapy, stem cell therapy, stimulation of certain of the body’s immune cells, and targeted therapeutic use of enzymes in order to, once again, cure serious illnesses that arise as part of the aging process, and to extend the healthy human life span well beyond what has heretofore seemed possible.

Stay tuned!  These innovative fields, which represent the absolute cutting edge of medicine and science, are developing rapidly with each passing year as more physicians, researchers and scientists become involved.  While human beings probably are not designed to be immortal, both regenerative and rejuvenative medicine hold out the promise of a longer, healthier, more satisfying life for all of us.


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