Complementary Therapies for Cancer Treatment


Dr. Allen offers complementary therapies for those undergoing standard cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation.

These therapies, while not intended to cure the disease, can often provide vital nutrients and energy to the patient’s body and help remove toxicity, thus helping to alleviate some of the side effects often experienced by those undergoing standard cancer treatments. In some cases, the complimentary therapies can even increase the efficacy of standard treatments, making them more effective.

Dr. Allen would like to stress that these complimentary therapies are not intended to provide a cure for any form of cancer.  It is necessary for you to be under the care of an oncologist while you are receiving supportive therapies at our office.  He will, of course, be happy to work with your oncologist in coordinating the care you will be receiving.


Dr. Allen gives free lectures at the Library three to four times each year, on topics of interest from the cutting edge of integrative medicine.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list for these lectures and his other speaking engagements, please email